Cairngorm, Aviemore, Scotland, Sleddog Centre
Cairngorm, Aviemore, Scotland, Sleddog Centre
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Cairngorm Aviemore, latest weather report
Cairngorm Sleddog Adventure Centre Aviemore, Gift Vouchers
Cairngorm Sleddog Adventure Centre Aviemore, Gift Vouchers
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Cairngorm, Aviemore, Scotland, Sleddog Centre

Two day Sleddog Course
Insight to sport & history, handling dogs, kennel management,training & conditioning of young sleddogs, equipment, sleds rigs and using an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) introduction when training sleddogs.
Includes two trips with a 12-dog team night & daytime and running a small team on the final day.
Cost £255

Meet the 37 Sleddogs. Get an insight into the history of the sport and the world of Scotty Allan "King of the Arctic Trails" & the way of life Alan Stewart has with his K9 friends have living at the foot of the Cairngorms. There's a video shown in the small museum (1 hour)
Cost - £8.00 adult / £4.00 children

"The Ultimate Sleddog Experience" (Daytime/ Evening Trip)
Talk with musher, be hands on with the Sleddogs. Remote forest trip ( lasts approx.30mins.) with 12 to 12 very special sleddogs.
Cost - £60adult / £40children (minimum age 6) reduction on cost for parties on application

"Ultimate Sleddog Experience" with overnight stay in Scottys cabin" £85pp
"The Sleddog Experience" can be taken either on the evening that you arrive at the centre or on the following morning after the stay in the cabin. Suitable for 2 people the cabin is basic & has no inside toilet & no showering facility. Breakfast is provided (warm bread, cereals & hot drinks).


?All the above trips are done on a 6 seated Sledcart you may be sharing your trip with others.

Daytime or Evening (3hrs)
Be a part of a real sleddog adventure by helping to prepare a 12 dog team, then be taken by dog team & guide into some of the very best scenic routes in the Cairngorms, breathtaking panoramic views of mountain ranges and the National Park getting close to herds of wild red deer and other wildlife. Arrive at a forest bush camp where you will help secure the team, help water & snack them...enjoy a short break, brew up a cup of coffee/tea in one of our shelters. The remote forest in this area is alive with wildlife. We then hook up the team again and slowly make our way back to the centre via some of the most hair raising & exiting trails in Europe for sleddogs.

The sledcart you travel in has been designed & made by a world leading offroad desert buggy company in Canada, like this unique adventure it's the only one of its kind in the world (starts in November). The dogs which you will meet on this trip are awesome K9 athletes. The leaders & team members have crossed the European Alps & some have finished The Iditarod (1200mile race in Alaska) with 4times Iditarod winner Doug Swingley.

(Only 2 people on this trip/but can be adapted for 4)

All safari trips are done on our 2 seated Sledcart. This is the only sleddog trip we offer with our 2 seated shown on home page video!

All trips done on specialised equipment. Weight restriction of 15 stones pperson Groups (8 maximum) catered for. Visitors required to be warm & waterproof

Best Training trails in UK open again...

The CSC trails are like no others in the UK .. event/trails or forest enterprise /trails or a few private field with a few miles set up on them are all very boring compared to what the CSC has and have had for over 10years..the sport of sleddog racing has been in the UK for over 30 miles but still they have no structure within the sport to have a dedicated "sleddog trail" ..not one club has the equipment nor the know how to set out a snow trail .. The CSC trails are not the answer ie " dedicated trails" for the sport as we are a business.. but we will be letting clients of our trails this coming winter with top class accommodation deals involved.The trails have been booked already with teams from all over the UK coming to spend 2 weeks running on them.

When it snows in Scotland the sports shuts down ,there is no place to train or the equipment available to set up a groomed trail .it dos not need to ..if you want to try out that new sled or take your dogs away for the weekend to Aviemore and test yourself & team in real snow trails ..stay in a top class resort/spa/swimming pool /cinema..only 5 mins from the trail...the CSC is the answer.

The CSC trails have been used over 10 years to give clients trips & courses (mostly on sleds) and also to train the CSC sleddogs to a very good level..there are more than 60 Gee & Haws..novice to experienced training areas ..they have been set up with the knowlage and expeance of the owners,input from many pro /mushers around the world,they have been used by top mushers not only here in UK but from Jamaica,Austria,USA,N.Ireland, Australia ,Korea....remote cabins/camps... where teams can stop and rest and spend some time on the trail,...take a flask of coffee & lunch,drop lines/straw are provided around the camp areas..enjoy that side of being with your team..if its a hard training trip we have the trails for that also ..the trails sleddog teams encounter on the CSC trails mirror those of the Alps or remote USA..shallow & deep,wide river crossing ,steep drops,there are four separate forest area within the 18 miles circuit,wild life wall to wall,herds of Red deer roam the trails ,and some of the best scenery in the UK all around you the bottom line trails which are made only for sleddogs.

There are two parking areas for vistors (Scottys Highway) suitable for 4 large vans..the other (High Heather Ridge) has spaces for 6 Vans ..when it snows the trails are with out any doubt the best in UK ..again down to the daily working of the only sleddog centre in UK..the CSC has its own snow mobils & groomers.

*We must state it's up to the CSC who we let on those trails..we run a business.. always have done plus we have *no time for those who have badmouthed our center over the years ..Sleddog enthusiasts always very welcome..others who simply spend there time talking on websites or doing nothing..please don't take offence but there is no place for you here.

As for teams who truly want to train or have a real unique adventurer with there dogs drop us an email for more details and prices.. a special rate has been set up with The Aviemore Resort Hotel also class parking for dog trucks,nice meal & early morning swim & going to a damp remote forest at the weekend?

Only ATVs & Sleds on CSC trails rigs or scooters.

"Here in the UK we are the only daily working sled- dog centre and have been for the past 10 years.  Trying to give input to the sport in all areas...we support and respect SDAS for being the only Official sleddog club in the UK. We hope you find our trails to be very unique to the UK they have been set up simply for working & training's as simple as that ..."Alan Stewart...May 2012".
Cairngorm, Aviemore, Scotland, Sleddog Centre
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