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I would just just like to say what a pleasure it was for me and my friend christine to see your place
and your dogs. Im sure we will be up again.
Janet Holmes
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  • About The Cairngorm Sleddog Centre
    Situated in Aviemore, at the foot of the Cairngorm Mountain Range, The Cairngorm Sleddog Centre offers a wide range of activities for the whole family. From Kennel & Museum Tours to Sleddog Trips and Safaris.

    Alan Stewart & his family offer a unique opportunity to experience the awesome thrill and power of a top class sleddog team in training for European events & Mountain expeditions. Meet our team and have as much hands-on with the dogs as you want, with spectacular views of the Cairngorm Mountains and the wildlife in the surrounding area.

    The Cairngorm Sleddog Centre is the only daily working sleddog centre in the UK and one of only 5 in Europe. For more information on the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre and the work that we do with our wonderful sleddogs click the link below.
    Stewart Family Aviemore
Meet The Stewart Family.
John Stewart Professional Sleddog Racer Scotland
John Stewart
John has raced & trained sleddogs since he was 6yrs old. He is the only UK junior to have gone on to race in the USA & Canada. He has competed many times in some of the biggest sleddog races in the world including the Wyoming Open, /Percy De Wolf, Cantwel Classic, Race to The Sky and the infamous Iditarod.
As a junior he dominated the UK junior events,racing in kids events including the Iron Will Race MN/USA,Alps to Chile and Argentina.
He was his fathers handler in 1999 "South American venture" aged 10yrs old he was part of the expedition team in the remote Chilean mountains.
Since he was 18yrs old he has lived and raced with some of the best mushers within the sport learning the art of mushing. Tim White, Egil Ellis ,Hans Gatt, Doug Swingley, to name but a few. To date he's the most experienced International sleddog "musher" in the UK,via racing and purse money ,His highest financial win to date 2nd place 2014 Wyoming Open USA.
John lives with his wife Liz ( also a musher ) in remote Wyoming when not working with sleddogs his occupation is North Sea Commercial Diver/Pro Musher.
Fiona Stewart Cairngorm Sleddog
Fiona Stewart
Fiona is the backbone of the Cairngorm Sleddog Centra, her background in banking and working with the public has helped the Centre in every department. She does all the bookings and works closely with local hotels and outdoor adventure company's and secured the lastminute.com link.
I n 2006 Fiona played the major part in the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre winning a The Scottish Tourist Boards highest award.
Fiona takes all the kennel tours and is in charge of all the daily routines involved in caring for such a large number of working dogs. Some of the main ones including the medical & feeding welfare of each dog.
Fiona works closely on a daily basis with all the pups at the Centre up until they are 1year old and ready to start their training fully.
Fiona enjoys long walks with her GSPs and the retired sleddogs at the centre. Fiona has competed at the top level of the sport in the UK.
Alan Stewart Sleddog Centre Aviemore
Alan Stewart
Alan has raced at the highest level iof the sport in UK also competing in USA, Chile, Argentina and Mid Europe many times. He and his family established the first and only daily working sleddog centre in UK in 2001.
In 2009 he became the first and only UK musher to-date to take sleddogs over Ben MacDui (UK 2nd highest mountain) in mid winter.
Alan is an honorary member of The Alpen Trail Club and has been involved with WWF at the EEC in Belgium. His work and study on Alec Scotty Allan has been recognized from film makers to the Nome museum in Alaska and Scotty family both in UK & USA.
Alan and his son, John, were the first mushers to help train and set up sleddog centre & museum in Jamaica and still have close links with the Jamaican Sleddog Team.
"The CSC works due to having awesome sleddogs, they are the main players in our way of life here at Moormore. It's a privilege to spend our lifes with them. It's not a hobby nor is it a dream come true, it's what we do,all the hard work we have all done over the years has paid off."
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Where to Find Us
Cairngorm Sleddog Centre, Moormore Cottage, Rothiemurchus Estate, Aviemore PH22 1QU    Tel. 07767 270 526